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Interesting Facts about Chinese New Year

Category: New Year | Posted by: CayVisions

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! From all of us at CayVisions, we wish you all a prosperous year full of success, happiness, and joy. Some might know of it as the Lunar New Year. This is the time when family’s gather together to enjoy each other’s company and eat lots of delicious food. There are amazing parades with dragons, candles, lucky money, and so much more. These can last for as long as fifteen days and what you do in between that time is very important. It determines how lucky and fruitful your year will be.


This has always been a fascinating celebration for me and I am sure many of you are probably curious as to what a typical Lunar New Year celebration is like. Well, I did a bit of research and found some cool facts about Chinese New Year celebration, which you can implement a few of them for the year 2015.


Food is a Big Part of the Celebration


The majority of meals are eaten with family and friends. There are special dishes everyone should eat to promote a good year such as long noodles, steamed rice pudding, various fish dishes, vegetables, etc. In total there should be nine dishes made. Each item you eat should represent something positive. For example, long noodles promote a long, healthy life.


The House Must Be Clean, Clean, and Clean!


Those who celebrate this holiday believe in cleaning away all the bad luck or juju from the year before. It is important to clean before the actual celebration. That way you bring in the New Year fresh to make room for good luck for your household.


Paying Respects to the Deceased Family Members


Families will pay their respects to those who have passed on this day by setting food and lighting incense. There is fresh fruit, candies, and the deceased favorite dishes are made. It is said the smoke from the incense lifts up to the Heavens to awaken our passed loved ones. They will come down to join us in the festivities. The food is typically left overnight.


Legends of Chinese New Year


Some may be curious as to why this celebration happens. Well, according to the legends, there was a battle against a horrible beast called the Nian. On the first day of the New Year he would come and eat the children, livestock, and crops. The townspeople would put out food for the beast to eat. They were hoping this would deter him from harming their livestock and children. Many say that Nian was afraid of fireworks and the color red. That is why red is seen all throughout the festival and beautiful fireworks are set off.


Red is Very Important


During the celebrations, you often see people wearing red and putting our lovely red lanterns. Children, close relatives, and unmarried friends are even given lucky money in red envelopes. The color red signifies a happy and bright future.


New Year for 2015 is the year of the Sheep


There are twelve signs in the Chinese zodiac. This year is the sheep, which is the eighth zodiac. Sheep are known for being gentle and kind. That is why this year will be less warlike for many zodiac signs. They are very shy, reserved, and have a strong sense for justice. They have a kind-heart and this year many signs should focus on how they can improve themselves and focus on essential needs.


Good Luck, Prosperity, and Fortune


I wish you all a happy new year full of good favor, prosperity in all your endeavors, and good fortune. I hope these facts helped give you a better understanding of how this special day works.


Next Lunar New Year will be on February 8th, 2016. Mark that on your calendars so you can prepare to celebrate!