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Passion – How to Find It

Category: Passion | Posted by: CayVisions

In our last post, we talked about the difference between a job and career. It all came down to finding your passion. This is very important and should not be taken lightly. You can have multiple things that get you inspired and motivated every morning! There is always something you can do to make money off of what you love.


Before we go into how to find the fuel to keep you going in life, let’s examine a few people who pursued their dreams in something they love. PewDiePie is the highest paid YouTube star. He has the most subscribers and made over $4 million in Ad revenue. This does not include endorsements or other income streams. What kind of content does he have on his channel?


Two words – Video Games.


Who would have thought someone could make that much money off of playing games?!!? There are other people who have channels like this and make money. There are video game competitors that get flown out by Call of Duty, one of the most popular first-person shooter (FPS) games in the world, to compete.


Another example is the number one beauty Vlogger in the industry, Michelle Phan, made $84 million in the year 2014. She creates videos with make-up tutorials and tips.


What do both have in common? They both turned what they were passionate about into their career. They live and breathe it! I give these examples to show that anything is possible! There are so many ways to make money off of doing something you love. Open your mind to the possibilities and watch what comes to you!


Now I am going to give you a few tips to help you along your journey to finding what your passion is.


What Do You Love to Do? 


Make a list of things you love to do! Maybe things you already do for free and get lots of enjoyment out of. If you love to read, watch movies, put on make-up, play video games, etc. Write as many down and then make another list of things you do not mind doing for free. The things you do not mind doing for free would be considered your true passion.


Research and Ask Others


Once you figure out a list of few things you like to do, do some research in that field. Pull out the trusted Google and begin looking at different options and career paths available. Ask others that maybe have more experience in that area to give you advice. Read blogs and reach out to mentors you would want to become one day. Many times they would be more than happy to help!


Practice Your Buns Off


Once you have decided what you want to try, practice. Then, practice some more. Oh and of course, practice.


It is just like when a baby learns how to walk. It did not take a few days. This takes time. You have to engage the muscles that have not been used before to help you walk for the first time as a child. Once you get the hang of it, it will be like second nature for you! So always keep practicing.


Always Keep Pushing


If you know this is what you are meant to do then keep pushing. Keep going and pursue your dreams. Eventually, you will become an expert at what you love to do and become an authority in the field. Use the Internet to set up profiles and get your name out there! LinkedIn can help you reach out to people within your field.


When Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, which is the company he built from the ground up, he was hurt but still kept pushing forward. He created his company NeXT and helped build Pixar.  Then, Apple bought his company NeXT and Jobs was back in his original stomping grounds. If you are meant to do something, it will follow you everywhere you go until you finally get back on the right path.


So keep your head up high and keep pushing. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel. You will make it happen. It will take time. But with persistence, faith, and a bit of luck you will get there.


Good luck my friend on finding your passion!