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Protect Your Personal Information While Enjoying the Internet

Category: Cybercrime | Posted by: CayVisions

It is so easy for hackers to get hold of your personal information on the Internet. It is as simple as one, two, three. With the advancement in technology, the government, Internet providers, and email domains are working to help protect you. However, this is not enough! You must do more to protect yourself.


To stress the importance of this, I am going to tell you a few things a person can do with your personal information:


  • Open credit and bank accounts under your name. Since this is not under their actual name and they no responsibility for it, they will recklessly use it and harm your credit score.

  • Establish phone and wireless services under your name.

  • Give your information to the police if they ever get arrested.

  • Apply for auto loans, mortgages, etc.


This is scary! Do not worry though, I will provide you with useful information on how you can protect personal information from cyber criminals with these simple steps. It is not bulletproof, but it is always good to take good measure to be mindful of these techniques.


Invest in Quality Antivirus Software


Antivirus software like McAfee, KasperSky, Norton, or other software will protect your computer from unwanted viruses and protection from privacy threats. Although these can get a bit expense, you can find good deals every so often. If you spend $50 on quality software, this can save you years of headaches! You will have peace of mind knowing you are more secure in protecting your personal information.


Change Up the Password


I used to have the same password for all my accounts. I mean ALL of them. Now I have a different password for each account I use. It keeps the hackers guessing. If they can crack one of my passwords, this would not give them full access to all my other accounts. Once it becomes too difficult for them, they normally move on. Also, make sure they are at least 10 characters with a good mix of numbers, capital letters, symbols, and small letters.


Keep a Lookout for Phishing Scams


Phishing scams are on the rise and it is unfortunate that many people fall victim to this. It is any form of communication where the hacker will contact you to get further details about you. For example, you receive an email from what you think is your bank confirming your identity. They may ask for your full social, phone number, address, date of birth, and name. That is all any cyber criminal needs and they can use that information however they please.


If you receive an email or phone call that sounds suspicious, be sure to contact your financial institution before divulging any of your personal information. If you find yourself on an odd website and they are asking you for this, then click out of it. The moment you ever feel uncomfortable with a site you are visiting, you should leave immediately.


Stay Away from Unprotected WIFI Networks


We all do it. I have connected to WIFI networks at the airport, fast food restaurant and many other places. However, these networks are not secure and your personal information can be accessed from hackers who are within the vicinity.


If you do need to connect, make sure there is not personal information on your phone or laptop. Also, do not go browsing in your bank account while connected to the unsecured network.


At the end of the day, you should be proactive and stay one step ahead of these hackers. They are clever people, but you are smarter! Just use these techniques I gave in this article to protect yourself and your household from unwanted cyber criminals.


Trust me, it will save you a lot of hassle in the future!