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Tips to Planning Your Next Cayman Islands Vacation

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The time has finally come. You have been saving all year and diligently put a portion of your check into your vacation fund. Now you need to make a decision of where you want to go. This is something you cannot just pick randomly! There is thought that needs to go into it. You need to make sure you pick a great destination that meets your needs, figure out what time of year is best to go there, and create a full on itinerary packed full of fun and exciting activities.


Let’s see here… what is the ideal place that many love to go visit. You want to find a mini-paradise away from home where you can relax and enjoy yourself.


Where or where could this perfect vacation destination be?


Two words – Cayman Islands.  


Clear your mind and envision yourself lying on a white sandy beach with warm blue seawaters at your mercy. Then, a soft cool breeze that calms your skin after a fun day at the beach. Dinner at one of the best seafood restaurants on the island. Beautiful resorts, condos, and private homes available to stay. There are so many great activities for you to enjoy like feeding the sting rays, parasailing, etc. So many people come to the Cayman Islands for the perfect vacation.


Now that you have figured out where you want to go. I am going to give you a few tips to help you plan this upcoming trip to the Cayman Islands. My hope is to make sure this trip is the most epic and memorable trip of your life!


When to go?


May, June, and July are the best times to visit. The waters are calm and clear which makes it great for snorkeling, diving, fishing, and sailing. However, between August to November hotel and flights are discounted up to fifty percent. The island is also less crowded.


The most popular times on the Cayman Islands are between December through April. Keep in mind because it is so popular, it is also the expensive season. It is smart to make reservations three months in advance before the prices go up.


Stay outside the hotels!


Cayman Islands have one of the most beautiful resorts that are right on the beach. Nothing beats those views. However, there is an even better place for you to stay at that is more reasonable. A wise vacationer knows to always get the most out of your money!


There are many great condominium, you can stay. The benefits of staying at a condo are there is a kitchen so you can have a nice home cooked meal, and much more space.


Cayman Islands also have great vacation rentals at private homes and condos. You can rent these for days, weeks, or months and the rates are quite affordable. That means you could temporarily live in the most beautiful island on earth without worrying about spending so much. I absolutely love renting a vacation home or condo because all the accommodations you typically enjoy in your home are available to you while you are on vacation. Staying in a hotel limits you from having this luxury.


Must See Attractions


After you have figured out when you want to go and where you will stay, it is time to move on to what attractions you should see. Here are a few of my recommendations that I believe everyone should add to their itinerary:


  • Stingray City – Come play with the stingrays. You can pet them, feed them, and watch them interact with one another.

  • National Trust – This site preserves cultural and traditional sites from artistic and architectural areas on the islands.

  • Pedro St. James – It is one of the most popular attractions on Grand Cayman and its the oldest building on the islands. It is a restored centre-piece overlooking the best view of the Caribbean Sea.

  • Cayman Turtle Farms – Turtles are a big part of the Cayman Islands culture and history. To show tribute to this and protect the turtles native to the islands this 23-acre marine parks allows tourists to get closer to the beloved Caymanian turtles.

  • Botanic Park – The garden was opened in 1994 by Queen Elizabeth II. Now it has grown so much. You must make sure to visit this majestic Botanic Park to see the vibrant flowers, plants, and trees growing here.

  • Kittwake – This is a Chanticleer Class Submarine Rescue ship. It had been operating since 1945. The ship was donated in 2010 to the Cayman Islands and rests in the Carribean for all to see.

  • Atlantis Submarine – Go under the Caribbean sea with Atlantis and discover all the beautiful sea creatures.

  • Camana Bay – Grab a bike and explore Camana Bay, which is a 500-acre stretch from the Seven-Mile Beach to North Sound. Along there you can stop, shop, eat at fine restaurants, and engulf yourself in the culture of the Cayman Islands.


If you are not able to do all these attractions, feel free to come back again! Know that you are always welcomed!! If you want to find out more about the local businesses in town, visit my website

I hope to see you soon!