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What is Your Love Language?

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What is Your Love Language?


The concept of individuals having a particular preference in how they receive love was created in Gary Chapman. He worked as a marriage counselor for years and developed the theory that everyone speaks their own “love language.” Chapman identified that this was the root cause of unhappiness in marriages when partners do not understand how to properly express affection to the ones they love. This concept can be applied to any relationship. It is not limited to marriages.


Everyone deserves to be loved and how they receive love is crucial to the vitality and prosperity of a relationship. Whether it is between you and your child, your spouse, sister, mother, father, etc., they all have their own love language.


I believe in building positive relationships and giving people the tools to make this happen. As an entrepreneur, I have built many positive relationships in my life that helped me get to where I am today. I have built my company, CayVisions- Cayman Islands Business Portal, and I would not have made this happen without understanding people’s love language. I have established quality friendships and relationships that I am very grateful for by using this method.


Today, I am going to discuss what these five love languages are so you can have a better understanding of this concept. My hope is this article will assist you in either building great lasting relationships or restore a current one.


What are the Five Love Languages?


  • Quality Time

    For this love language, you value time with your partner. You want your partner’s undivided attention without any distractions. The TV is shut off, the phone is put on silent and away, and any chore needs to get done is put on standby. You want to know you are important and are made a priority in your partner’s life, in regard to their time. When you get to spend quality time with your spouse, you feel truly loved and special. You enjoy having in-depth conversations with your partner and doing activities together.


    Any interruptions delay or reschedules of dates, and any time you feel you are not being listened to can hurt you greatly.  


  • Acts of Service

    For those who believe washing the dishes makes you special, then this is your primary love language. You absolutely love and appreciate it when your partner does something for you that can ease a burden or stress of your busy schedule. You take pleasure in hearing the simple phrase, “Let me take care of that for you.”


    A few things that frustrate you or make you feel unloved are lazy, broken promises, and when your partner creates more work for you.


  • Physical Touch

    I know when everyone hears this, they immediately think about sexual touch. However, that is not the case for those who have this love language. It is a simple touch that makes you feel special. You feel special when your partner holds your hand, wraps their arm around you, cuddle with you in bed, hug you in a way that shows they care, and any thoughtful touches on the arm or face. It reaffirms the person is there and is accessible whenever you need them.


    Lack of touching or abuse hurts those with this love language very much.


  • Receiving Gifts

    They do not want any gift. Those with this love language want gifts that are thoughtful, meaningful, and are given from the heart. Random gifts that are picked up throughout the day or gifts grabbed while your partner was away travelling are greatly appreciated. You feel loved knowing your spouse was thinking about you and put effort to get you something you like. Gifts are a symbol that someone cares about you.


    You get hurt when someone misses your birthday, anniversary, or gives you a thoughtless gift.


  • Words of Affirmation

    The saying that “actions speak louder than words” does not apply to you. You enjoy hearing random compliments from your partner about how special you mean to them. You like to hear about how much they love you, give you words of encouragement, and tell you how amazing you are. It makes you feel loved and affirms that your partner cares about you.


    Harsh insults, jokes, or negative words can crush your spirit. You prefer positive and kind words.


After reading this, determine what you and your partners love language is? Knowing how to properly express love to the ones you care about can make a huge difference. Use this to build a strong and loving relationship.


Take the test to see what your love language is at the 5 Love Languages website.